Position & Policy Papers

CCCABC Poverty Reduction Submission
March 2018

CCCABC Input to Provincial Office for the Early Years
October 2015

Media Release: Can BC’s Parents Afford to Have Kids?
November 2014

Child Care in BC: 15,000 More Children but only 2,000 More Spaces + Higher Parent Fees = Ongoing Crisis
May 2014

Will Coordination Solve BC’s Child Care Crisis?
July 2013

The Current Child Care Context in BC
May 2013

Media Release: Hollow Promises – BC Liberals Ignore Demands of British Columbians for Affordable $10/day Child Care
February 2013

Media Release: the Plan for $10/day child care – economic data
July 2012

Backgrounder – proposed moratorium on new approvals of Child Care Operating Funds (CCOF) for commercial child care chains
Media Release
Letter to MCFD
Letter from Minister McNeil
May 2012

24% hike on already high child care fees; Kids & Company co-founder in Vancouver to meet unhappy parents
April 2012

CCCABC Response to MCFD Strategic and Operational Plan Working Draft
[Read the MCFD Plan]
March 2012

Media Release – BC Budget 2012 = No good news for families with young children
February 2012

Media Release – Child Care Year in Review
January 2012

Media Release – Another Day in BC – Another Cut to Health & Safety in Child Care Programs
September 2011

Media Release – Not a good start to the school year for daycare parents
August 2011

Media Release – $1 million in 1-time funds for child care = less than 1 drop in the bucket
April 2011

School Age Child Care – change in regulations will erode quality
June 2010

Media Release – 2010 BC Budget Ignores Economic Benefits of Child Care
March 2010

Together we made a difference at U Vic!!
November 2009

Media Release: What is behind BC Government’s new stand on Big Box child care?
November 2009

Media Release re: comments made by the Minister of Education
September 2009

CCCABC BC Budget Update Response
September 2009

Questions and Answers prepared for BC Provincial Budget
September 2009

Government Makes Cuts to Child Care; Parent Fees Will Increase – Again….
August 2009

The election didn’t change much…
August 2009

Child Care is a Women’s Issue: International Women’s Day 2009
March 2009

Child care crisis not a priority for this government – Reaction to provincial budget
February 2009

You can’t have Early Learning without Care: CCCABC’s response to the Early Childhood Learning Agency Consultation Paper, “Expanding Early Learning in British Columbia for Children Aged 3-5”
July 2008

A Costing and Accountability Model for a BC Child Care System
November 2007

The rEvolution of Community Controlled Child Care in BC
November 2007

Finally – BC Remembers School Age Child Care!
September 2007

The Ministry of Education Wants A Dialogue on their “Draft Early Learning Framework”
May 2007

Equity for BC’s Working Families and Their Children
March 2007

Minister Reid – Resign! Minister Taylor – Restore the Cuts! Premier Campbell – Build a Child Care System!
January 2007
On January 5, 2007, Minister Linda Reid, BC’s Minister of State for Child Care announced her government’s latest attack on working families in BC.

Minister Reid – It’s Time to Resign!  /  [backgrounder]
January 2007
The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC is taking the unprecedented step of calling on Linda Reid, BC’s Minister of State for Child Care to resign from her Cabinet position.

$127 Million and Beyond: How BC should invest child care money
December 2006
As BC approaches the end of federal child care transfer payments under the Agreement on Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC), the BC child care situation is going from bad to worse.

Where are our daycare spaces?
September 2006
The Federal government has promised $250 million per year for 5 years starting in 2007, for an Initiative that will provide employers and non-profit organizations with incentives valued at $10,000 towards the capital expenditures for each child care space that they ‘create’.

Coalition Launches Child Care Community Governance Project
July 2006

$455 million for child care is at risk but Premier Campbell is still silent
April 2006

BC Families not fooled by Harper’s Child Care Double Speak
April 2006

CCCABC’s position on the role of family child care in a non-profit child care system
March 2006

Still Defending Daycare!
March 2006
Join us in standing up to the federal government’s plan to dismantle years of progress and the provincial government’s inaction and silence.

Child Care and Unions: Taking the next step!
March 2006

Most Canadians Vote FOR a Child Care System!
January 2006
Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won a small minority government but most Canadians voted for a quality child care system that meets the needs of children, families and communities.

Federal Election 2006 – Defend Daycare!
The 2006 federal election campaign is on and child care is making headlines.
December 2005

Community Scrambling for Way into Early Learning and Child Care Consultations
November 2005

Once again – Campbell gets it wrong for children
June 2005

Our Child Care Plan
June 2005
The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC supports the right of every child and family to access quality child care within their own community. Our Child Care Plan clearly demonstrate that if there is political will, a system can be built, and it sets a standard by which BC’s Child Care Action Plan can and will be judged.

BC Politicians challenged to meet or exceed Manitoba and Saskatchewan Child Care Agreements
April 2005
Today, the federal government signed bilateral agreements on child care with Manitoba and Saskatchewan but in BC families are still awaiting a good deal for our children.

Make Liberals Run on Their Child Care Record
April 2005

Leftovers due to the lack of a child care plan? Largesse leading up to the provincial election?
February 2005
On Feb. 11 Ken Dryden will meet with his provincial and territorial counterparts in Vancouver to negotiate a new child care agreement. If Minister Dryden needs any further evidence that this agreement must hold provinces accountable for using federal funds to build a child care system, he need look no further than BC.

Victoria’s Child Care Priorities Go From Bad to Worse
Letter to Premier Gordon Campbell
December 2004
With an election less than six months away, it comes as no surprise to hear the BC government make spending announcements. Child care is no exception.

BC child care plans prove Dryden needs to act now to get Child Care right!
December 2004
In January 2005, federal, provincial and territorial ministers will meet to forge a deal for a national child care system.

Where to next?
Response to BC Government’s $33 million Child Care Announcement
October 2004

A Child Care System for All of Canada’s Children
No More Talk – Now is the Time for Action!

July 2004

Tax cuts and promises won’t build a child care system!
June 2004

Coalition responds to Supported Child Development Program Policy and Procedures Manual (Working Draft) with a request for a full public accounting of the feedback received on the SCC refocus process
April 2004

Coalition’s Response to the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Supported Child Development Program Draft Policies and Procedures Manual
March 2004

Child Care and Labour – Working Together For Publicly Funded Child Care Strategy Session [final report]
CCCABC & Community Social Services Component of the BCGEU
February 2004

SCC: The Coalition Responds with strong concerns to ‘Child Development: Strengthening the Infant Development/Child Development Continuum’
September 2003

CCCABC response to funding cuts in the new operating grant
December 2002

2002 Provincial Strategy Session – Final Report
September 2002

2002 Provincial Strategy Session – Participant Package
August 2002