CHILD CARE: Let’s make it happen!


The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCCABC) and the BC Government and Services Employees Union (BCGEU) have launched a joint 3-year project to support front line workers, families and communities to ‘make child care happen’.

Solution to child care crisis a no-brainer
May 2008

Community Tool Kit
March 2008
Includes three backgrounder sheets on a universal child care system for BC: Achievable, Accountable and Affordable. Read them, circulate them, talk about them. Use them for discussions in your communities and workplaces. Organize neighbourhood meetings. Talk to your local federal, provincial, and municipal politicians.

Speak Up for a Universal Child Care Solution in BC
March 2008

Kids can’t wait for child care in BC
Action needed, not more studies
February 2008

Proposed national child care legislation needs your support!
November 2007

Article: BC municipalities call for restoration of government child care funding
September 2007

The goals of the Project are to:

  • Support the national “CODE BLUE for Child Care” campaign
  • Build support for a publicly funded, quality, universal, not-for-profit community based child care system in BC
  • Strengthen the voices of advocates across BC by building the membership and networking base of the CCCABC
  • Promote unionization of child care workers as an essential part of our advocacy strategy by encouraging workers to take out Special Associate Membership in the BCGEU

The Project began in the spring of 2006 with a tour of BC communities where Town Hall meetings, community outreach and Municipal Councils and School Board lobbies will focus on saving federal multi year funding for child care and ensuring that BC moves from a user fee to a publicly funded child care system.

Child Care and Unions – Taking the next step!

In November 2003, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC formally agreed to actively promote unionization as part of our strategy for achieving a publicly funded, not-for-profit, high quality, accessible, affordable child care system. Our position is based on research that clearly demonstrates the relationship between unionization and quality child care.

Download the 2 page document: Child Care and Unions -­ Taking the next step!

Why is the B.C. government silent on child care?
Nelson Daily News, 10 May 2006
Editorial – By George Heyman, BCGEU President

Related Research:

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Doherty, Gillian and Forer, Barry (Sept 03)

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