1-day strike shuts Quebec home daycares: Workers hold demonstrations across province as contract negotiations continue


….13,000 home-based daycare operators went on strike for the day.

Union wants better wages, pension plan

Government-subsidized home daycare workers received the right to unionize in June 2009 when the Quebec government passed Bill 51. However, they are still considered to be independent workers.

Quebec daycare providers held an earlier series of rotating walkouts on Oct. 25. The CSQ wants secured paid vacations, a pension plan and better salaries.

According to the union, home-based daycare workers receive $19 a day per child in provincial subsidies plus and another $7 from parents.

The union is asking the government for $13 more per child per day.

Another 2,000 home-based daycare operators in Quebec are affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Labour, another union umbrella group. They are holding their own contract talks with the government.

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