Yes, We’ll March For Child Care!


Campaign BC, the B.C. Federation of Labour’s province-wide mobilization against the Campbell government’s economic and social policies, has confirmed route details for a massive May 25 march planned in Vancouver.

“Opposition to this government is not only solid, but growing daily,” said Federation President Jim Sinclair. “We’re calling on anyone who is angry with this government to join us throughout the downtown core to show Campbell that voters know his economic and social policies have utterly failed British Columbians.”

Demonstrators will begin marshalling at 10:30 am in four locations: Victory Square, Library Square, the Burrard Skytrain station and Seaforth Peace Park, in Kitsilano. The two sides will join together at the north end of Burrard Bridge and head for Sunset Beach, to join a rally scheduled at noon.

“What’s happening with our schools, hospitals, courthouses, legal aid system and community programs is a disgrace,” said Sinclair. “If you care about your future, this is the place to show the government you’re not willing to stand by and let them wipe out programs that have taken generations to build.”