World March of Women


Celebrate the arrival of the Womens Charter for Humanity in Vancouver on May 1st! This document – created and agreed to by 6000 womens organizations around the world – provides a positive vision of the world that women are fighting globally to create. Based around the 5 core values of equality, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace, the Charter reflects above all the desire of thousands of womens groups throughout the world to work within a common framework of global feminist action and to collectively construct a more just world where all live well.

The Charter was launched across the world by 30,000 women on March 8, 2005 from Sao Paolo, Brazil, and will finish its journey across the world in Burkina Faso on October 17, 2005. This local event, hosted by the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres as a member of the World March of Women, will take place at noon on May 1st at the South Plaza of the Vancouver Public Library.

Download the event flyer (PDF)
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