We need to set the record straight!


According to Premier Campbell, the BC government:

  • has “increased child care resources” and
  • is “strengthening services and programs for women.”

This is what he claims in his “New Era for Women.”

We need to set the record straight!

The truth is that over the last three years, more than $840 million has been cut from the three Ministries with responsibilities for child care, children, women, and families.

Quality child care is not affordable for most BC parents and government cuts, policy changes and restructuring are destabilizing licensed child care.

Premier Campbell says he is interested in community input — Let’s tell him what we know!
Add your voices — Send an e-mail to premier@gov.bc.ca and:

  • Tell him how BC’s cross ministerial budget cuts are affecting you.
  • Tell him that if his government is serious about meeting the needs of women and children, he should reverse the cuts, increase provincial child care spending to match previous budgets, and immediately start using the federal child care dollars to supplement, not replace, provincial child care spending.