Vancouver’s MLA candidates polled on education views


“The Advocacy Committee of the Vancouver Board of Education Trustees prepared and distributed a questionnaire to Vancouver candidates running for office in this spring’s provincial election to solicit their views on public education. (Membership in the Advocacy Committee includes trustees, employee groups, parents and students.)”

Question 6:
Poverty is a significant factor influencing a students learning and success ins school. What would you to do to ensure equitable learning outcomes for all Vancouver students?

NDP candidate’s replies to question #6
“Research confirms that quality child care during the early years positively influences children’s health and learning. The BC NDP will build a publicly funded, affordable, accessible and quality child care system across BC. We will start by addressing the crisis in the existing system through enhanced funding. As finances permit we will introduce all day kindergarten for 5 year olds with before and after school care. “

Liberals reply:
Only reference was to “child care subsidies”.

BC Greens: varied replies to this question.
“BC Greens will promote instruction in nutrition and healthy living.”
Another Green candidate mentioned “Guaranteed Annual Income”.