Time to Up BC Welfare Payments

Raise the Rates – Carnegie Community Action Project

Here’s how advocates can get involved: The provincial budget is coming in February 2006 and the Minister of Employment and Income Assistance, Claude Richmond, says that welfare rates are under review.


Write a hand-written letter to Claude Richmond, Minister of Employment and Income Assistance urging higher rates. If you want to ask for a specific amount you could use the amount SPARC BC recommends for meeting minimum monthly living costs:
– $1233 for a single person, and
– $1824 for a single parent with one child.

Or, you could ask for a 40% increase as the Save Low Income Housing Coalition has.

MLA Claude Richmond’s address is
Victoria, BC V8W 9E1

CC your letter to NDP MLA and critic, Claire Trevena

More info available from: Jean Swanson, Carnegie Community Action Project

NEWS Article: Time to Up Welfare Payments (The Tyee)

Download the factsheet: Welfare Rates Need To Be Raised