Taxes support the society we want

Elizabeth Cull, Times Colonist

Re: ” ‘Free’ services means public pays,” March 9.

The writer suggests that people who don’t have children shouldn’t be expected to pay through their taxes for services to those children, such as child care.

Good point. My parents had the good sense to die young, so I don’t think my taxes should go to support any seniors choosing to live beyond a sensible age of 60. Come to think of it, my child went to university out of province, so why should my tax dollars support those who decide to get an education in B.C.?

What a pile of rubbish. Taxes go to support the kind of society we all want to live in. That includes kids who get the best start in life, quality education, universal health care and yes, supports for those of us approaching old age.

The writer wants to live in a mean and selfishly motivated community. I do not.