Task force backs housing plan

Jennifer Moreau, Burnaby Now

The Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness is backing a proposal to turn a local motel into a social housing project.

“The task force is committed to working collaboratively with all parties that are moving forward in this process,” said Wanda Mulholland. “We have continued to support the Burnaby partnership to look for suitable sites (for transitional housing). This is a very suitable site.”

The site in question is the 401 Motor Inn, at 2950 Boundary Rd., on the border with Vancouver. The Portland Hotel Society, which runs housing projects in Vancouver, needs City of Burnaby approval to move the project forward….

Jeanne Fike, executive director with Burnaby Family Life, is also backing the project.

“I hope the city will provide whatever support they can for this opportunity to become a reality,” she said. “Burnaby Family Life is deeply concerned about the dire circumstances of many families we serve. Some teen mothers are trading sex for a place to sleep with their babies; immigrant and refugee families are living in overcrowded, substandard conditions and do not understand that there is legislation to protect their rights. The lack of affordable and adequate housing along with the lack of affordable child care is the most challenging concern faced by families living in poverty….