Spending more to fight poverty saves money in the long run

Leslie Benisz, Vancouver Sun

Re: Proactive plan could save Canada billions, Sept. 29

I read how poverty costs this country $24 billion per year. Yet the estimated costs to eliminate poverty would cost taxpayers $12 billion.

Spending more to eliminate poverty would result in an annual saving to taxpayers of about $12 billion.

I’ve repeatedly seen similar statistics showing how spending on affordable housing, post-secondary education, universal daycare, preventive health care and dental care would end up saving hundreds of billions of tax dollars.

I’d be happy to pay more taxes with the knowledge that every citizen and resident in Canada is living without the oppressive burden of poverty.

So, why aren’t the three levels of government applying measures to wipe out poverty forever and reap this country a financial windfall of savings that would take a huge bite from our national debt and bring about a change in the quality of life and social justice for generations beyond?