Shareholder questions tender ABC Learning process

Liam Walsh, Herald Sun

CHILDCARE giant ABC Learning Centres had tender processes questioned at a meeting where it talked up Labor’s federal election win and the possibility of a Democrat taking the White House….

Shareholder Jit Mau queried $74 million in untendered work given in fiscal 2006 to a maintenance and renovation company run by Mr Groves’ brother-in-law….

Mr Zullo and Mr Groves have co-invested in outside business. Land documents also show they bought and resold property to each other.

QMS’s work had been reported as a “related-party” transaction for years but ABC stopped publishing such details this year after realising there was no obligation to do so under revised accounting standards….

Mr Mau told Mr Groves to “take a cold shower, have a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself have you done the right thing”….

Mr Groves also played down big buyout talk….