Publications – pre-2005

Pre-2005 » Provincial/Regional Publications
[Canadian & International publications listed below]

Women’s Employment in BC: Effects of Government Downsizing and Employment Policy Changes 2001-2004
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC Office
December 2004

‘Choice’ discourse in BC child care: Distancing policy from research
Paul Kershaw, Childcare Resource and Research Unit
September 2004

Hidden fragility: Closure among child care services in BC
Paul Kershaw, Barry Forer & Hillel Goelman, Human Early Learning Partnership, for the Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting
June 2004

Making Early Childhood Development a Priority: Lessons from Vancouver
Clyde Hertzman, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC Office
May 2004

East Kootenay Child Care Report
November 2003

Community Indicators Forum Report
The final report of the second Community Indicators Forum, on Early Childhood Education and Care
April 2003

Income Assistance After the Cuts: Client and Caseload Statistics for March to July 2002 and Annual Savings Projections for MHR
Lesley Moore, End Legislated Poverty
August 2002

A New Era in British Columbia: A profile of budget cuts across social programs
Caledon Institute of Social Policy
July 2002

2001 Provincial Child Care Survey
Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Community Services
December 2001


Pre-2005 » Canadian Publications

Child care: public program or big box boondoggle?
Questions & Answers / Legal Opinion – Establishing a National System of Early Learning and Child Care in Light of Canada’s Obligations Under NAFTA and the WTO
November 2004

From Patchwork to Framework: A Child Care Strategy for Canada
Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
November 2004

Working for Change: Canada’s Child Care Workforce
Child Care Human Resources Sector Council
November 2004

Factsheets: Universality and Accessibility, Inclusion, Quality and developmental programming
Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
In the June 2004 federal election, the federal Liberal Party made a commitment to develop a pan-Canadian child care system based on four principles – Quality, Universality, Accessibility and Developmentally appropriate programming. This set of principles is referred to as QUAD. These principles, along with the principle of Inclusion, are cornerstones of the child care community’s agenda.

The Union Advantage in Child Care: How Unionization Can Help Recruitment and Retention
Jamie Kass & Bozica Costigliola

Unionization and quality in early childhood programs
Gillian Doherty and Barry Forer
September 2003

Does work include children? The effects of the labour market on family income, time and stress
Andrew Jackson & Katherine Scott, Laidlaw Foundation
May 2002

Leave no child behind! Social exclusion and child development
Clyde Hertzman, Laidlaw Foundation
May 2002

The Issue of “Auspice”
A Supplementary Paper to the Brief Presented to the Standing Committee on Human Resources Development
Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
December 1994


Pre-2005 » International Publications

OECD International Report on Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
October 2004