Poverty Reduction Plan for British Columbia


The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition has launched a call to the Government of British Columbia for a comprehensive poverty reduction plan that includes legislated targets and timelines;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Vancouver City Council reaffirms its endorsement of the Coalition’s Call for a Poverty Reduction Plan

Join the Call

…. we call upon the province to commit to specific policy measures and concrete actions in each of the following policy areas:

  1. Provide adequate and accessible income support for the non-employed, and remove policy barriers so that recipients can build and maintain assets.
  2. Improve the earnings and working conditions of those in the low-wage workforce.
  3. Improve food security for low-income individuals and families.
  4. Address homelessness and adopt a comprehensive affordable housing and supportive housing plan.
  5. Provide universal publicly-funded child care.
  6. Enhanced support for training and education for low-income people.
  7. Enhance community mental health and home support services, and expand integrated approaches to prevention and health promotion services.