More women bringing home the bacon: poll; Most working women in relationships feel pressure to maintain salary

Mike Lloyd, NEWS1130

The kids, the job, the bank account… you know the pressure.

More women are trying to balance everything in their family while being the main wage-earner. A poll for the Investors Group shows a growing number of Canadian women are bringing home the bacon and they are feeling the heat.

“Just over six-in-10 women whose income is required to maintain the household’s lifestyle say they feel pressured to maintain their salary,” says financial planner Jane Olshewski. “Seven-in-10 feel responsible for the long term financial well-being of their family.”

The survey suggests more than 25 per cent of working women in relationships are now the primary or sole income-earner in their homes.

But along with the pressures of that bread-winning role, the majority of working women in relationships feel accomplished in their ability to earn good money and more than half say they are personally fulfilled by their work.