May is Child Care Month in BC – the real history!


The tradition began in the early 1980’s when the BC Daycare Action Coalition, now called the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, asked the City of Vancouver to proclaim Daycare Week.

Our first slogan was – “Good daycare is good for kids” – as relevant today as it was then.

Over time, May became Child Care Month in BC. Over the years, some Mayors passed proclamations, some BC governments produced posters, advocates continued with public education about the public policy agenda and the child care community and families celebrated this special month with parties, parades and picnics and recognition of the tireless and remarkable efforts of the caregivers across BC who are there for children, families and communities… day in and day out.

– Adapted from a CCCABC Newsletter

Looking back down memory lane:

In 2003: Susan Harney, CCCABC chair, wrote, “May was a time to honour the good work of child care workers throughout our province, to celebrate the work we do and to re energize ourselves to continue the “fight” to move child care forward, to build an affordable, quality, accessible service for families. In good faith we’ve struggled together, always believing that there was hope.”

But that year was different!

In 2002: CCCABC marched for child care

Today, 2007:

Linda Reid, Minister of State for Child Care thanked child care providers in B.C. through a letter to the editor in Cariboo Press, Kelowna Capital News [06 May 2007]


To the editor:

May is national Child Care Month. As a mom, I want to take this opportunity to honour child care providers for their hard work and dedication to children. It takes a special person to work in this field and these individuals deserve our recognition. As we celebrate this month, it is also important to look at our successes.

We have heard quite clearly the priority for B.C. families is to address the need for more child care spaces…

As you probably are aware, as of April 1, 2007 the federal government cancelled the 2005 Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, which represents a loss to B.C. of $455 million over the next three years…

The B.C. government is committed to providing sustainable child care in order that families can choose from a range of affordable, safe, quality child care options.

Child care providers spend their days enriching our children’s lives, while at the same time providing parents with job stability and peace of mind.

For that, we thank all of the wonderfully gifted child care providers in British Columbia.


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