Manitoba’s first for-profit day care opens for business

Megan Batchelor, Global News

Parents struggling to find a day care might find relief in a new for-profit day care that has opened downtown.

Daily rates at Kids and Company average about $50 for pre-schoolers and $75 per day for infants. That’s about twice the going rate.

If the company parents work for is one of its clients, they are guaranteed a space in the Fort Street facility.

“For companies that have moms that have babies, they need to have childcare to come back to work,” said Victoria Sopik the CEO of Kids and Company. “And if they can’t find a day care they can’t come back.”

Nine thousand Manitobans are on a waiting list for day care.

While the Manitoba Child Care Association agrees there is a shortage of spots and early child care workers, it doesn’t believe for-profit care is the right fix.