Liberals Trade Quality And The Future Of BC’s Children To Save A Few Bucks


Eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy will be reduced to a lower income level as part of the Liberal cuts to social programs announced last week. This means that many low income families will no longer be eligible to receive assistance towards their child care fees.

Child care advocates across the province are stunned and horrified.

“We have been telling the government over and over again that quality child care is not affordable for most parents. But, this government, that promised to listen and work with community groups chose to cut the heart out of Child Care BC and now they are reducing financial support to the very poorest of already low income families.” says a distraught Sharon Gregson, child care advocate.

This cut will affect the most vulnerable of our society, something that the Liberal government promised not to do during the election campaign. “Let’s be very clear. Cuts for these families will mean parents choose between quality child care and feeding their kids. We are not talking about families who have two cars, a boat and vacation property. These families are barely surviving! Any cuts will be devastating for these children” says Susan Harney of the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. “Families will be forced to leave their children in cheaper, unsafe, babysitting where adults are untrained and have no criminal record checks. Obviously the Liberals are willing to trade these children to save a few dollars”.

The Coalition strongly urges its membership to speak out against these cuts. What can you do?

  1. Call or write your MLA. Tell them how these cuts will directly affect families. Personal contact, even phone calls, makes all the difference.
  2. Email your stories to We are collecting information from around the province that will be passed on to the media.
  3. Organize meetings in your area with other social service agencies/programs. This is a time for us to speak with one voice. As we know child care is not the only service seriously affected.
  4. Check the BC Federation of Labour’s web site. ( This web site will provide information regarding a rally in Victoria on February 23rd as well as information about town hall meetings that will be held throughout the province.
  5. Contact the Advocacy Forum through the toll free number 1-877-361-1116. This phone is not personed but messages are checked regularly and someone WILL get back to you as soon as possible.
  6. Let Gordon Campbell know that these kind of cuts are cruel and unfair. You can write Campbell at Room 156, Parliament Buildings, Victoria BC v8V 1X4. His email is Phone 250-387-1715 Fax 250-387-0087.