Kelowna candidates talk social issues

Alistair Waters, Kelowna Capital News

Many of the candidates running for a seat on Kelowna city council turned out to talk about housing, homelessness, poverty and other social issues Thursday, in the first of what is expected to be several public forums held prior to the Nov. 19 civic election….

But while some of the candidates at Thursday night’s forum were asked about issues that municipal councils can control, such as policies to encourage the creation of more affordable housing, others were asked about provincial issues such as B.C.’s minimum wage and the creation of more childcare spaces in the community.

Several of the candidates said in order to Kelowna residents struggling to make ends meet, more better-paying jobs are needed ….

Shepherd, when asked about childcare, said incentives could be included for developers willing to include childcare facilities in new multi-family buildings.

She received by far the loudest applause after she answered her question and said companies should follow the city’s lead and allow more flexible work schedules for their employees to aid child care….