Kaatza Daycare enrollment slumps due to all-day Kindergarten

Tyler Clarke, Lake Cowichan Gazette

The Kaatza Daycare Society is entering September with seven fewer kids than expected, with the youngsters enrolled in full-day Kindergarten instead….

This drop in enrollment is just the latest in a long string of financial setbacks for the society. “This latest reduction in enrollment, in combination with the poor economic conditions in the area, are adding even further difficulties to our financial bottom line,” board chair Jennifer Pelton said. “Things have not been going great over the last number of years, with government cutbacks.”

A recent cruise raffle, which raised $4,000, helped, but will by no means solve the daycare’s financial woes.

“It seems like a lot of money, but it’s gone quickly,” Pelton said.

Staff has been cut to its bare minimum, and two years ago everyone lost their benefits.

“The staff hasn’t had a wage increase in two years,” Pelton said.

But, why go to all this effort, and jump through all these financial hurdles, to keep the Kaatza Daycare Society up and running?

“It’s more than just a place for children to bide their time during the day,” Pelton said.

“In a small community, to have a place where they’re safe and have development needs met is important.”

This leaves parents comfortable to go to school or work to better the family as a whole, Pelton said….