Housing, child care stings ‘Generation Squeezed’

Darcy Wintonyk, CTV BC

British Columbian couples with young children are being squeezed in an economic vice because of high housing and child care costs, according to a UBC family expert who dubs the group “Generation Squeezed.”

Paul Kershaw says the high cost of housing coupled with skyrocketing child care costs is making it nearly impossible for young parents to raise a family in B.C.’s Lower Mainland.

He’s calling on provincial and federal governments to spend an additional $22 billion on social programs to give young families a higher standard of living.

Kershaw says people between the ages of 25 and 44 are the first generation that won’t have at least the same quality of life as their parents.

A recent study from the UBC Early Learning Partnership found that young families are bringing in roughly the same income as those before them did nearly 30 years ago, even though most families are now duel-incomeā€¦.

The economic reality adds up to a growing sense of frustration and hopelessness for an entire generation of Canadians….