Harper doesn’t share my vision

Linda Hoechstetter, Roberts Creek; Sunshine Coast Reporter


Does anyone else feel the way I do? Stephen Harper’s vision of Canada is not one I share….

I know I am not alone in thinking the Conservatives do not have sound economic policies. Corporations have received massive tax cuts “because this creates jobs.” Unfortunately, most corporations take the tax cuts for profits, move companies to cheaper labour lands, and do not invest in our country. Cutting taxes means less money for public good. If we look south of the 49th we see what happens when tax cuts become routine. Why are the Conservatives so intent upon copying the failed policies of the U.S.?

We could institute national daycare, pharmacare and address environmental needs with the money put into fighter jets, prisons, and national security. We could have a government with positive goals….

What can those of us that feel this way do? …Let’s tell the government, the media, our friends — spread the word: we don’t buy this government’s priorities.