Federal Child Care Act introduced in the House of Commons, Ottawa, by Denise Savoie (MP, Victoria BC)


39th Parliament

First reading May 17, 2006 Second reading September 25, 2006 – Opposition Bloc Québécois and Liberal MP’s joined the NDP in supporting the bill at its second reading. Committee hearings on the bill are expected in December or January.

Bill C-303
An Act to establish criteria and conditions in respect of funding for early learning and child care programs in order to ensure the quality, accessibility, universality and accountability of those programs, and to appoint a council to advise the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development on matters relating to early learning and child care.

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Canada “At The Bottom Of The List For Childcare”
September 25, 2006
Press Release

OTTAWA –The NDP’s Early Learning and Childcare Act moves to second reading in the House of Commons today, landmark legislation to enshrine a national child care program as a cornerstone of Canada, side by side with the Canada Health Act.

“This will be a vital debate, as we have an opportunity to move forward after years of false starts and setbacks under the Mulroney Conservatives, four Liberal governments, and now the Harper Conservatives,” said Olivia Chow, NDP child care critic.

Sault MP Tony Martin said “passing this legislation will ensure reliable provincial transfers for child care spaces — while entrenching the principles of quality, universality, accessibility, accountability, and educational development. These are national standards we vitally need.”

“Early learning and child care is in disarray in Canada. Programs are fragmented across the country – there is no consistency of standards, availability, accessibility or affordability. Waiting lists across the country are so long that most kids will never get a childcare space.

A recent report by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) puts Canada at the bottom of the list when it comes to childcare and shows that Canada’s child care investments are so inadequate that our future productivity, economic competitiveness and growth are at risk.

The cancellation of the money the government finally committed last year to the provinces is making things even worse. Planned new centres are not opening, because the funding will be cut in a few months time.

Martin said the bogus $1,200 child care allowance is doing nothing to create new spaces. Children deserve better.

“We have a chance to move forward.” said NDP MP Denise Savoie. “Rather than just allowing the government to take this disastrous and short sighted course, we can take this historic opportunity to affirm a Canadian commitment to early learning and childcare. We can make it happen. This bill maps out the course. This is vitally important to the future of Canada. We urge MPs of all parties to take action and support this bill.”