Federal candidates answer childcare funding question

Tri-City News


The NDP has long campaigned for safe and affordable childcare for all. Early childhood education is a proven way to improve education levels and reduce social problems, and that’s why the NDP has twice introduced the Early Learning and Child Care Act. Twice our local MP has voted against it. A $100 cheque is not a strategy and is no use at all when there aren’t any childcare spaces available. The NDP is absolutely committed to a strong national childcare program.

The short answer is that the Green Party fully supports universal child care. We believe that all Canadians have the right to quality child-care, preferably in their workplace, and that parents who choose to stay home to care for their children must also be recognized and supported…

The previous Liberal government successfully negotiated agreements with the provinces to have a national daycare program, which was cancelled by the Conservatives and replaced with the Universal Child Care Benefit of $100 per month. Liberals are committed to creating more child care spaces in Canada and improving affordability, so we would establish an early childhood learning and care fund of $500 million, rising to $1 billion annually by the fourth year, that provinces could apply to as a social infrastructure fund. We would also preserve the current Universal Child Care Benefit.

… our government has implemented policies to help families. We have delivered: the Universal Child Care Benefit ($1,200/year/ child.. We also introduced the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit ($500/ year/child), which we will increase to $1,000/year/child if we are re-elected, and introduce a $500/year/child Arts Tax Credit.


Diana Dilworth, CONSERVATIVE
Our party has long held the belief that families deserve a choice in child care. This is why Conservatives .. while introducing the Universal Child Care Benefit in our very first budget. In this election, we have also introduced a number of family- friendly tax credits.

Fin Donnelly, NDP
Safe, high quality, affordable and licensed child care for every family that needs it is a major priority for New Democrats. We sponsored the Early Learning and Child Care Act, which would see a permanent national child care program, once implemented, enshrining the principles of quality, affordability and accessibility.

Rebecca Helps, GREEN PARTY
The Green Party believes the real challenge facing families is a time deficient. By restructuring our society to focus on communities’ economies where jobs are local and travel time is less, parents will have more time and need less after-school care. This is a long term focus. In the immediate future, we believe in the use of a negative income tax, or guaranteed livable income for all. This will eliminate poverty and help low income families afford childcare.

Ken Beck Lee, LIBERAL
The goal of a Liberal government is to have affordable childcare space for every family that wants it. We will establish a new Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund that will begin with $500 million in the first year, rising to an annual commitment of $1 billion by the fourth year. We will look to partner with the provinces and communities to make sure that every Canadian child gets the best early learning and development programs possible….