Daycare marks 40th anniversary

Theresa McManus, The New Westminster Record

… The daycare, located in St. Barnabas Church in the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood, is celebrating its 40 years of service in New Westminster. …. Sales said it’s unbelievable to think that children who were with the daycare when it began are now 45 years of age….

From its humble beginnings of 12 children, St. Barnabas has grown to an enrolment of 59. While the number of children attending the daycare has changed, some things have remained constant.

“Families still struggle with paying for daycare,” said Sales, noting one study found it to be many families’ second highest monthly cost behind mortgage/rent payments. “It’s a huge expense. It’s not because the staff are getting great wages.”…

Conveying the importance of their work is just one of the struggles that early childhood educators face. Dealing with changing government policies and funding is another ongoing challenge.

“Our history has been a history of struggling, struggling against a lot of odds,” Sales said. “We are really proud of the work we do.”…