Daycare bylaw change eyed

Monica Lamb-Yorski, The Northern View [Prince Rupert]

Prompted by a request from a daycare operator that the City permit her to hire an employee to provide health support to a child, the City of Prince Rupert is considering making specific changes to its home occupation zoning bylaw to allow for that to happen.

“The zoning bylaw is very black and white on this issue. Essentially home occupations do not allow employees other than those who reside in the household,” said City Planner Zeno Krekic.

According to Krekic there are three large daycare centres in Prince Rupert equipped to provide for children with special needs, but on some occasions families will choose to place children in a home based daycare…

Presently the regulations for home occupations include that they be small in size, have low impact on residential neighbourhoods and not be in competition with businesses that operate in commercial areas, especially because residential taxes are lower.

The amendment to the bylaw, if passed, would insist the medical support employee be approved by a licensed health professional, be restricted to one full-time employee and would ensure the City is not responsible for improvements to infrastructure such as making a home wheelchair accessible….