Co-operation is needed

Marion Knapp, Creston Valley Advance

To the Editor:

Prime Minister Harper is campaigning not on issues but on planting fear in the minds of voters that a coalition government might emerge in Canada. The Conservatives would do well to remember that ruling with a minority very much depends on the support of one or more of the other parties.

A coalition, perhaps? Co-operation rather than animosity should be made paramount in our Parliament. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

I believe that we first need to work on eliminating poverty — promising families help towards sports or the arts isn’t helping the families that can’t afford to participate in the first place. Promising families with young children that income splitting may be possible in four or five years is not the answer for low income or single parent families. A living wage and universal daycare would make more sense. Lowering taxes is no help to those who don’t even make enough to pay taxes…