Childcare group in China link

Liam Walsh,

An education business in China has touted the name of Brisbane-based ABC Learning Centres to promote a bilingual “5-star” kindergarten venture – despite the childcare giant denying knowledge of the plan.

The proclamation came in an error-riddled online announcement from American TPR English School. The announcement was pulled following Courier-Mail queries and a Chinese news article.

“The (Chinese) claims are false and we are investigating,” ABC said.

The news comes weeks after a rapidly expanding ABC rejected claims of having operations outside Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK – and of being behind the Australian-backed 123 Global businesses….

The developments came after Canadian politicians and media claimed ABC was behind 123’s recent establishment of operations in the North American nation.

ABC and 123 rejected this and maintained they are separate businesses, although they have a series of ties for ventures including staff recruitment and centre acquisition….

ABC Acquisitions is now 123 Global. ABC Learning previously rejected Citigroup analyst doubts about ties between Learning and Acquisitions.

TPR highlighted links between Learning and Acquisitions but confused issues such as ownership….

Mr Jones, also a director of 123 Global Holdings (China), said a reference in the article to 123 being an ABC “subsidiary” was wrong.

Tom Mould, another 123 Global Holdings (China) director, was photographed signing the memorandum.

He is also listed as company secretary of Independent Colleges Australia, a non-profit schooling entity which has ABC executives Le Neve Groves and Martin Kemp on its board….