Child care gets a boost in city

Janaya Fuller-Evans, Burnaby Now

The city’s child-care resources group, a sub-committee of the social issues committee, was busy last year working on a number of initiatives, according to a report from the director of planning and building, Basil Luksun.

In 2011, the group surveyed local child-care providers about the transition to full-time kindergarten; toured five local centres in March and provided advice to centres, including advice on changes to Burnaby’s bylaws.

It also promoted May as Child Care Month and May 19 as Child Caregiver Appreciation Day in the city; and monitored the development of a community plan for a public system of early care and learning, prepared by the Early Childhood Educators of B.C. and the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C.

In 2012, the group intends to prepare a presentation on the results of the child-care provider survey and present it to the social issues committee….