Child-care fees too high

Letter:Sharon Gregson, The [New Westminster] Record

Re: Child-care plan would be good for B.C., Opinion, The Record, Aug. 1.

I was really pleased to see your article on the challenges that parents with young children face when they want or need to access child-care services.

Few people seem to realize, until they are parents or grandparents themselves facing the crisis, that fees are ridiculously high – up to $1,915 a month per child. Wages for workers are at poverty levels, and waiting lists can be years long.

But, the solution to the crisis is not bigbox commercial child care.

The solution is the $10/day early care and learning plan that is getting huge support across the province from individuals, municipalities, school boards, labour and academics. People can endorse the $10/ day plan at

Let’s make child care an election issue in May 2013.