Building Advocacy Leadership Capacity

Child Care 101 Presentation Toolkit

As part of our Leadership Development project with the Early Childhood Educators of BC, we developed a workshop presentation toolkit about the current state of child care in BC and Canada in comparison to other countries around the world. We want to share this toolkit with you and hope that you will take it to your communities and present it to groups such as parents, child care centre boards, other ECEs and anyone who is in interested!

Included in this toolkit are the powerpoint presentation of Child Care 101, a facilitator’s guide and a participant’s workbook. We suggest that you print out as many workbooks as needed for the participants in your presentation. There are lines by each slide for note taking. The facilitator’s guide contains the extra background information for you to use during your presentation. We look forward to hearing from you how your presentation went, what the discussion was and if you have any feedback for us regarding the materials in this toolkit.

Download the toolkit (all 3 items in a zipped folder – 4.3MB)