Big box child care could be coming to BC

Katharine Kitts, News 1130

Big box child care could be coming to BC if an Australian company gets its way. 123 Global has been approaching community based programs across the province.

Child care programs in Alberta and Ontario have also been contacted despite concerns from child care advocates who say they don’t want to see BC’s daycares turned into foreign-owned, big box warehouses.

123 Global has received flack from several countries for monopolizing child care and providing minimal services to cut costs.

Susan Harney owns a daycare herself, and says despite a shortage of facilities, this isn’t the answer. She says we need to solve the crisis of not enough affordable spaces for families but bringing in this kind of “warehouse child care” is not the answer.

But for parents desperate to find a place for their kids, at a price they can afford, a new option might just be what they’re looking for.