An anti-feminist prime minister is suddenly concerned with maternal health. What’s happening?

Judy Rebick,

When I heard that Stephen Harper was suddenly taken with a desire to promote maternal health as the key issue for the G8, I have to admit to being perplexed. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Harper talk about women’s issues. Behind the scenes his government, which of course means him, has not only cut funding to most women’s groups and the most progressive NGOs like Alternatives and Kairos but have eliminated the word “equality” from their women’s bureau. Harper is no doubt that most anti-feminist PM we have ever had….

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Harper should focus on Canada if he wants to better child health: Inuit leader
The Canadian Press
By Bob Weber (CP)
Jan 29, 2010

Northern leaders say Prime Minister Stephen Harper should look to the Arctic if he wants to improve the health of newborn children.

“We’re hopeful he’ll tackle this issue in his own backyard,” Pita Aatami, head of Makivik Corp. which oversees the land claim of Inuit in Quebec, said Friday.

“If you’re going to talk the talk, you might as well practise it in your own country.”…..

Championing moms and babes
Globe and Mail BC edition
Letter By Nonie Lyon
Jan. 29, 2010

I can hardly wait for Parliament to reconvene to see the proposals Stephen Harper’s government will have for the women and children of Canada, as, surely, he will want to lead by example. He’ll want to tackle high infant mortality rates in our first nations communities, the plight of working mothers who can’t afford decent daycare and the lack of affordable housing for those who live below the poverty line, even though many hold jobs. It will be wonderful to have these and so many other issues that impact Canadian women and children addressed by our newly compassionate Prime Minister.

Why indeed
Letter to editor by Marjaleena Repo
Globe and Mail
Saskatoon —Feb. 01, 2010

A Prime Minister whose government and party hasn’t lifted a finger to make pregnancy, birth and childrearing any easier for women in Canada – for instance, by promoting and providing midwives, easier access to abortion and affordable child care – can hardly be taken seriously when he promises to treat women elsewhere differently