Sock it to ’em

Sock it to 'em!

Did you know BC gets money from the federal government that can be used to lower daycare fees and create more new daycare spaces?

The 5 year deal promised hundreds of millions of dollars to BC to be used to start building a daycare system (for children under 6 years). This year BC is spending some of this money to help daycares cover some of the daily costs and to give higher daycare subsidies to more families.

BUT Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the Conservative government will NOT honour the 5 year agreement signed last year.

What does this mean for you and other families?

There will be no more money from Ottawa for creating more daycare spaces OR for making daycare more affordable for more families.

And, the BC budget does not include any money to cover the loss of federal daycare dollars.

Without the federal money, daycare fees will likely go up and daycare subsidies will be cut. It could also mean that children with special needs will not be able to enroll in daycare programs with the help they need. And families who are on waiting lists will not be able to get a new daycare space.

Parents from across BC can join in sending a message — ‘Sock it’ to Premier Campbell and Prime Minister Harper. Let them know we expect them to honour the daycare deals signed last year!

Download our “Sock it to ’em” campaign materials: Breaking the Daycare Deals & How to Join the Campaign (2 page PDF)

Don’t have any spare socks? Download, print, cut out and mail a paper sock.

Want to collect signatures from other parents, family members, colleagues and friends? Download and photocopy the sign-on portion of the campaign materials (3 per page).