Child Care: Let’s make it happen – 2006

The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCCABC) and the BC Government and Services Employees Union (BCGEU) have launched a joint 3-year project to support front line workers, families and communities to ‘make child care happen’.

What Happened in 2006?

Child Care Summit – November 18, 2006


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BCGEU News Release: B.C.’s growing child care crisis Summit to discuss challenges, propose solutions

Preliminary results released today of a survey of 50 B.C. child care centres show that services are faltering from under-funding, and will be put at greater risk if the Harper government carries through its vow to eliminate the federal-provincial child care funding agreement next March. A majority of centres surveyed say they’ll have to look at raising child care fees, on average by $100-$200 more a month. Many also say the loss of funds could force program closures, staff layoffs, and cuts to spending for toys or even food supplies…

“B.C. works when child care works,” says Sharon Gregson, spokesperson for the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. (CCCABC). “Right now, the patchwork of services is meeting barely 15-percent of demand. Our children need and deserve better. It’s time Premier Campbell shows he cares, and commits to supporting sustainable child care services.”

“This should be setting off economic alarm bells,” says Morna Ballantyne, national coordinator for Code Blue for Child Care. “Investment in early learning programs is essential for the development of children, but it is also needed to address growing labour shortages. Governments need to invest in these programs so that parents can work.”

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Child care press conference

B.C.’s child care crisis: Child Care – Let’s Make It Happen! press conference Nov. 17/06, (l>r) Caroline Kent, BCGEU member and early childhood educator; Julie Linkletter, Vancouver parent; Sharon Gregson, spokesperson for the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C.; Mike Clarke, BCGEU vice president; and Morna Ballantyne, national coordinator, Code Blue for Child Care.


The focus for the evening is Our Child Care Work Force – Part of the Solution. This is a public event and is, of course, child friendly.

The Project began in the spring of 2006 with a tour of BC communities where Town Hall meetings, community outreach and Municipal Councils and School Board lobbies will focus on saving federal multi year funding for child care and ensuring that BC moves from a user fee to a publicly funded child care system.

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