A Poverty Reduction Plan for BC

Learn More and Take Action — BC is one of the last provinces left without a poverty reduction plan.

A poverty reduction plan is a comprehensive and effective strategy that addresses the root causes of poverty.

We need a long-term solution for the crisis of poverty that we are facing as a province. We need a legislated poverty reduction plan with targets and timelines that includes specific policy actions:

  • Raise income assistance rates
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Improve food security
  • Build more social housing
  • Provide universal child care
  • Support training and education
  • Enhance community health care

Get informed and energized about making poverty reduction an election issue. Listen to community experts on the pillars of a poverty reduction plan, the cost of poverty, the impact of community events, and how to take action in this critical time.

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Now is the time to ask all your local MLA candidates: Where is BC’s Poverty Reduction Plan?

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