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Inclusion & Diversity Policy

A voluntary organization of interested citizens – parents, child care providers, community organizations, and unions.

We support

  • the development of a comprehensive, accessible and affordable community based non-profit child care system in BC and across Canada.
  • the right of every child and family to quality child care within their own community.
  • a range of inclusive choices including licensed family and centre-based care.
  • stable, adequate government funding.
  • child care workers’ rights to wages and working conditions which reflect the level of training, responsibility and value of work performed.
  • parent and staff involvement in policy, procedure and program decisions.

We promote advocacy by

  • Informing the public about child care issues and the impact of public policy on children, families and communities.
  • Mobilizing families and communities to speak up and speak out for child care.
  • Encouraging child care workers to exercise their democratic right to unionize.
  • Using a child care lens we advocate for women’s equality and promote broader societal awareness, engagement and action on advancing gender equality.

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The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC is a registered society, incorporated under the Society Act on November 2, 1995. The original child care advocacy organization, the BC Daycare Action Coalition, was formed in 1982.

The purposes of the Society are:

To promote and support quality community-based child care services that benefit children, families and the public and in the best interests of society. This includes:

(a) to work for the development of a comprehensive accessible and affordable non-profit child care system in BC and across Canada

(b) to provide public information and to undertake public education about child care and related issues

(c) to research social policy issues related to children and their care

(d) to develop a cooperative working relationship with child care related organizations and others of like mind

(e) to facilitate information sharing among the members with governments and with the public.

Any person who subscribes to the purposes of the Society may apply for membership.

CCCABC Annual general meetings – past speeches

AGM – June 2019
– Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2018
– Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2017
– Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2016
– Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2015
– Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2014
Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2013
Report from the Chair

AGM – June 2012
Report from the Chair
AGM Minutes

AGM – July 2011

AGM – May 2010

AGM - May 2009AGM – May 2009
This year’s AGM featured child care advocates in conversation about why Canada has not moved on child care, why child care is part of a progressive social and economic agenda and what we can do about it.

AGM – April 2008
Consequences of Corporatization and Marketization of Child Care, with guest speakers Dr. Deb Brennan and Adrienne Montani.
Report from the Chair
AGM Webcast
Adrienne Montani’s speaking notes
Deb Brennan’s powerpoint presentation

Report from the Chair
June 2007
“We have learned many things over the past 25 years – mostly patience. Changing history apparently takes longer than we had hoped – but change history we will.”

Report from the Chair
March 2005

Speech by Carole James, Leader of the BC NDP, to the Annual General Meeting of CCCABC
January 2004

Report from the Chair
January 2003

Child Care Within an Economic Agenda that Works for Canadians
Speech by Seth Klein, CCPA, to the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
February 2001