$10 a Day Plan Material

Fact Sheets:

Factsheet1_imgFact Sheet 1: For BC Parents
What the Plan means for families
November 2011
Download in English / Chinese / Filipino / Punjabi / Spanish / Vietnamese


Factsheet2_imgFact Sheet 2: It Makes Good Dollars & Sense
Economic Rationale For Public Investment
December 2011


Factsheet3_imgFact Sheet 3: By The Numbers
BC Children, Families and Child Care
December 2011


Factsheet4_imgFact Sheet 4: $10 A Day Child Care
A Key to Ending Family Poverty
October 2012


Fact_sheet_5_imageFact Sheet 5: $10 a Day Child Care: Good for BC Business
January 2014


Environmental Scan for the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia and Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia Integrated System of Early Care and Learning Project
 by Jane Beach

Literature Review: Governance of Integrated Early Care and Learning Systems by Tammy Findlay